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The Crunchyroll Anime Awards recognizes achievements for artistic and technical merits in the anime industry. 

Creative Goal:

To elevate the brand identity and create a robust style guide that could provide dimensionality and elegance across multi-channel marketing efforts and the live event presence.



Role: Art Director

  • Concept Design + Art Direction

  • Style Guide Creation

Partnered with:

  • C-Level Stakeholders, International Execs

  • Web Development - User Experience + Content Hierarchy

  • Marketing, Events, 


Anime Awards 2023's event branding had an omni-present ribbon that encompassed all touchpoints of the event from 

2022 Style Guide Excerpts


The 2022 Anime Awards website consisted of four phased launches:

Phase 1 - The return of Anime Awards

Phase 2 - The Announcement of Judges and Category Nominees

Phase 3 - The Voting Period

Phase 4 - The Winners Announcement


While much of the original wireframe was kept the same as previous years, The 2022 Anime Awards pivoted and tabled the live show awards ceremony element due to the pandemic.  As so, the website and highlight reels needed to showcase an exciting winners reveal to truly celebrate the industry winners and their diehard fans. The winners website consisted of clickable iconography which triggered the category element to drop down with winner's information and initiate an animated, celebratory "fireworks" reaction. Users are able to interact with the website to discover which of their favorite intellectual properties won the titles.



Working with an independent illustrator, the team commissioned illustrations of our mascot, Crunchyroll-Hime and her cat Yuzu. For 2022, Hime represented Crunchyroll in the different phases as the awards show host, the backstage production manager, and the ethereal goddess of the anime universe. Galactic Hime conjures her magic to form a glowing orb - representing a piece of the Anime Universe and the award presented to our industry winners.

Initial Sketches

Initial Sketch

Final Character Art

Initial Sketches

Final Character Art

Final Character Art

Final Character Art


Roughly 1200+ internal and sponsored marketing placements were created for social media, lifecycle, user acquisition, and other channels.  These assets included winners laurels to be distributed to industry winners, nominee assets showcasing hundreds of intellectual properties, and social media assets to drive engagement --  all of which were adapted for localization in eight languages.

Winner's Laurel

Social Media Announcement

Social Media Announcement

Social Announcement

Social Media Header

Social Media Header

Carousel CTA Assets

In-App Asset

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